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Why India

The process of reforms as part of liberalization has resulted in greater investment in Indian economy. Government policies have become investment friendly and the paper work is reduced. The capital markets have also been able to receive huge inflow of funds. The Indian economy is booming and International investors see India has a potential market for excellent return on investment.

  • World's largest democracy
  • Stable political environment and responsive administrative set up
  • Land of abundant natural resources and diverse climatic conditions
  • Second most attractive FDI location in the world
  • Healthy macro-economic fundamentals
  • Cost competitiveness; low labour costs
  • Large pool of skilled manpower reforms; strong knowledge base with significant English speaking population
  • Young country with a median age of 30 years by 2025
  • Huge untapped market potential
  • Investor friendly policies and incentive based schemes
  • Progressive simplification and rationalization of direct and indirect tax structures
  • Reduction in import tariffs
  • Full current account convertibility
  • Compliance with WTO norms
  • Well established judiciary
  • Robust banks and financial institutions.



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